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Posted on April 8, 2021 by Cheryl K, LCSW, CEO, Co-founder and Partner
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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, each year on average, 15.2% of the population in Salt Lake City, aged 12 or older uses illicit drugs. This is higher than the rate in Utah but similar to the national rate of 14.7 percent. While studying substance use and mental health disorders in the Salt Lake City area, 8.8 percent of the population was classified as having a substance use disorder and 8.2 percent had a major depressive episode.

Although Utah’s overall drug use is less than the national average, the state of Utah has some of the highest drug-related deaths in the country. This has led to the development of highly regarded treatment centers, including Corner Canyon Health Centers. Accredited Utah-based treatment centers are an excellent choice for local residents, as well as those from out-of-state. 

While this is a personal decision, many find that traveling for rehab provides them with a fresh start and an opportunity to get away from environmental triggers.

Regardless of whether you call Utah home or are looking for a rehab center you can count on, here’s what you need to know.

Why Utah Is A Great Place For Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

Utah is one of the most scenic states in all of the United States. With the four seasons, mountains, and culture-seeking treatment here is both therapeutic and oriented. 

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we adjust our treatment to take advantage of the beautiful state. Our experiential therapy encompasses various types of therapeutic techniques that embody the wilderness of the Wasatch Front. For example, our adventure therapy combines nature, community, and exercises during the recovery process. Hikes in the Wasatch mountains, spending time outdoors, and healing through the scenic nature of Utah are all integrated with our rehab recovery process. 

We believe that this type of therapy improves an individual’s physical, social, spiritual, and psychological well-being through the power of the outdoors combined with evidence based mental health and addiction treatment.

If you struggle with substance abuse, behavioral issues, and/or various mental health obstacles, Utah is one of the best states to seek long term recovery and treatment

How Does Rehab Work?

The choice to go to rehab is never an easy one. However, if you’re struggling with an addiction, seeking professional help could benefit you in so many ways. While there are many benefits associated with rehab, one of the primary reasons why clients achieve success is due to the level of structure. Treatment programs highlight the importance of daily routines, full of productive activities and therapy sessions that allow you to heal and grow as an individual.

Your personal experience will differ from others, as no two individuals are the same. At Corner Canyon Health Centers, we are proud to offer individualized treatment, recognizing the importance of a personalized program.

When you first visit Corner Canyon, a comprehensive assessment will be performed. This allows you to obtain the most effective intervention options. From day one, the goal is to lead you on a path towards healing and recovery. A wide range of treatment options is available, allowing you to build the best possible treatment plan for your ongoing needs. From behavioral therapy to group therapy, the services at CCHC  target both addiction and mental health.

How Long Is Rehab for Substance Abuse?

How long you stay in rehab is up to you. There is no magical number that is best for everyone.

There are several options available, including inpatient and outpatient programs. Of course, inpatient rehab is an optimal choice if you require a highly structured environment, 24/7 support and are concerned that you may relapse. If you are struggling with a severe addiction, have relapsed in the past, or are simply in need of consistent medical and professional assistance, then inpatient rehab is the best option for you.

In terms of how long you stay will depend on many variables. On average, our clients stay for 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on their personal needs and goals.

  • A 30-day program will allow you to get through the physical withdrawal symptoms and then allow you to establish relapse prevention techniques, address and co-occurring mental health conditions, develop an aftercare plan, and more.
  • For many, 30 days is not enough. So many clients make progress, but then they leave treatment too early, increasing their risk of relapse. Depending on the underlying issues you wish to address, treatment takes longer for some than others, and that’s okay. For example, PTSD and trauma can significantly hinder your quality of life. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, especially when addiction is a contributing factor.

What to Expect in Rehab

Entering a rehab program can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Think of this step as the first step towards the rest of your life — a life that is healthy, happy and fulfilling.

As discussed, your journey will begin with an in-depth assessment. Corner Canyon’s approach is unique in that it allows for the most specialized treatment possible. From psychological testing to brain mapping, our ultimate goal is to significantly reduce your risk of relapse. Once the detoxification process is complete, your road to recovery can begin.

While we provide many of the evidence-based therapy options that many residents are familiar with, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and family therapy, we go above and beyond to provide the most beneficial and immersive recovery experience possible. Corner Canyon believes in providing unique methods that encourage healing and self-growth, including art and music therapy, massage therapy, equine therapy, and so much more.

Taking a holistic approach, Corner Canyon also focuses on the importance of a healthy mind and body when aiming to overcome addiction and mental health symptoms. This is the backbone of the gut-brain diet offered at Corner Canyon Health Center, leveraging the latest in scientific research.

If you’re wondering what to expect in Utah when seeking treatment, our dedicated staff would be happy to assist you, answering any questions you may have. Utah is one of the nation’s great ‘outdoor’ states and full of natural wonders, making it the perfect place to go to rehab and treatment. As you make progress in rehab, you will have the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural highlights that make Utah so special. There are many benefits of going to rehab in Utah, especially in terms of the great outdoors. Our beautiful backyard has influenced the development of our experiential therapy options, which include yoga, swimming, hiking, outdoor activities, and more.

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