Corner Canyon uses Pharmacogenetic DNA testing to aid in assessing the correct medications for clients. Often clients who come in for treatment have tried medications that didn’t work for them, or have experienced significant side effects, and become discouraged about medication in general. Corner Canyon uses pharmacogenetic testing to quickly establish which medications are appropriate or inappropriate for clients, which enables us to get them on the correct medications, help them adjust to them, and stabilize under our supervision before resuming their lives after treatment. This improves outcomes and reduces the likelihood of relapse.

We also use a DNA Test for Addiction which assesses a client’s genetic predisposition for addictive, compulsive, and impulsive behaviors. It identifies the genetic variants a client has, what substances they are likely to abuse, and personality traits that typically go along with their variants. These predispositions are not facts, only suggestive of what might develop in a client under the right environmental situations. For example, if a client with genetic predispositions towards using alcohol never drinks alcohol, they will not become an alcoholic. We use this test to help clients and their families address stigma and denial, and to plan relapse prevention once they complete inpatient treatment.


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