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Transitional Living

Corner Canyon Health Centers offers a full continuum of care for transitional living clients that are working toward living independently. At our transitional living program, clients are able to live in a supportive, comfortable, and safe environment while they participate in either the partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program levels of care.

While in the transitional living program, clients are still in a supportive setting, yet, the structure allows for more freedom and autonomy. At this level of care, clients are assisted in finding jobs, volunteering, taking classes, and continuing to find their passions and engage with the community and peers around them.

The transitional living facility is a beautiful home that has a large open kitchen, dining area, living area, pool, outdoor patio, and fantastic views of the Wasatch mountains. The transitional living facility houses a max of 15 clients at any given time and is located near downtown Draper, which offers a variety of activities, restaurants, jobs, and educational opportunities, as well as outdoor recreational activities.

With our transitional housing, clients are provided dinners during the week and transportation, depending on which level of care they are in. The home is staffed 24/7 and there is medication management oversight. Along with group programming and individual therapy sessions, clients are also able to continue the services from residential programming such as neurofeedback, weekly massages, and meetings with the medical, psychiatric, and dietician as needed. Case managers are also on-site, and each client will meet with them weekly, or more if necessary.

Corner Canyon Health Centers’ transitional living program is inclusive and an LGBTQIA+ safe place!

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Corner Canyon Health Centers’ PHP program is structured similarly to the residential treatment program, yet, it incorporates a gradual reduction in structure in order to best support client transitions from residential care. Clients participate in group programming during the afternoon from 1:00 pm-5:30 pm and have time in the mornings and evenings to facilitate and manage their own schedules. All of the group programming at the PHP level of care is run by Corner Canyon’s clinical team, and each client still receives two individual therapy sessions each week. Clients are also seen by CCHC’s medical, psychiatric, dietician, and neurofeedback providers each week as well to ensure the most comprehensive and individualized care.

Corner Canyon’s PHP group programming occurs Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm-5:30 pm. An additional recreational therapy outing is also required on Saturdays. Clients at the PHP level of care are expected to participate in all programming Monday through Friday. Clients will meet weekly with their case managers to set goals, further develop life skills, and be held accountable for their engagement in the program.

At the PHP level of care, clients are required to live at the transitional living facility. The majority of clients at the PHP level of care have successfully completed Corner Canyons residential treatment program, or have come directly from another residential program or wilderness program after successful completion.

Collaboration around transportation with the support of house staff is available, and clients are also within walking distance of public transit options. Clients are also able to have their own vehicles on site after the first week of programming.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Corner Canyon Health Centers’ intensive outpatient program occurs Monday-Friday from 3:00 pm-5:30 pm. The intensive outpatient program has the option for clients to attend group therapy either 3 or 5 times a week with the option to attend the weekend recreational therapy option. All clients will still meet with their individual therapist one time each week and have individual therapy sessions with the medical, psychiatric, neurofeedback, and dietician providers as needed. At this level of care, the hope is for clients to move towards living independently. Many clients will have jobs, be taking classes, volunteering, and living in their own apartments or other sober living facilities.

Clients at the IOP program have generally completed Corner Canyon’s residential treatment program and PHP program successfully. Clients will still meet with their case managers during this level of care. Clients are strongly encouraged to be active members in the community at the transitional living facility and are welcome to come eat dinners and socialize at the house whenever they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transitional Living

What is the meaning of transitional living?

Transitional living is a type of housing that provides a stable living environment and access to professional help and support 24/7 for residents. The goal of transitional living facilities is to help bridge the gap from homelessness, jail or prison, or a mental health facility to permanent housing.

Is transitional housing temporary?

Transitional housing is a temporary form of housing that supports individuals that are in urgent need of housing. Transitional housing is commonly used as clients transition from mental health facilities or homelessness.

If you have any other questions regarding transitional living or if you are looking for more information regarding our transitional living program here at Corner Canyon, contact us to talk to a member of our experienced staff.



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