Misunderstood Symptoms of Depression

Posted on May 16, 2019 by Cheryl K, LCSW, CEO, Co-founder and Partner
A young woman looking out the window because people have misunderstood her symptoms of depression.

People seem to think that if someone says they are depressed, it just means that they are simply sad. Unfortunately, sometimes it may take having depression to truly understand what it means. Having a better understanding of depression will give you better sympathy if you ever meet anyone who has depression and will know what to do to help them feel better.

The Draining of Simple Tasks

Tasks that may be simple for your friends and family to do like get out of bed, eat a meal, or doing your work may seem draining to you. Even just being around people can be overwhelming and make you feel like you want to go home. Doing the simplest things like taking a shower or combing your hair can be overwhelming and hard to understand why from an outsider’s perspective, but it can be challenging when you have depression. Depression stops us from wanting to take care of ourselves because we are too down to pick ourselves up and try to live.

The Real Meaning of Being Tired

When someone with depression tells you that they are tired, you may think that being tired is normal as we all get tired. Being tired with depression is a different story in that you feel like your body cannot hold itself up because it is too exhausted from doing nothing all day. This can cause you to want to stay in bed all day since you feel too exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally to move.

Enjoyable Activities No Longer Enjoyable

You may have moments where you are too tired to see anyone. Having depression, on the other hand, is a different story in that the things that you found enjoyable are no longer making you happy. It could be not laughing at a funny movie when this was something that you used to do all the time. Your depression is telling you that there is nothing around you worth a smile.

Having No Motivation

You may think that if you know someone showing a lack of motivation that they are just having a bad day. Having depression is different in that you know that no one will live forever so there is no point in trying. It is important for those with depression to get the help they need to enjoy life and for the people in their life to take their depression seriously.

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