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Here at Corner Canyon Recovery, we offer our clients the most innovative and effective treatment options. Our skilled clinicians address and treat all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. We are focused on bringing you or your loved one treatment for trauma and PTSD, depression and anxiety, co-occurring diseases, drug and alcohol treatment, benzodiazepine and opioid treatment, and LGBTQI+ rehab.

Colby Campbell, Former Client

“Corner canyon is by far the best treatment center I have experienced! Yes, I have been to more than one. That being said the clinical staff and all the employees truly care about the welfare of the clients. I never once felt like a dollar sign which I have found to be rare. The program is something that is easily applied in daily life, at least for me it has been. Like anyone else in treatment I had some bombs dropped on me during and after treatment and my therapist has been there for me and he also made me aware of my part in the situations. I can’t stress enough how amazing the clinical staff is. The program director also had a huge impact on my recovery, I don’t think I can put into words how grateful I am for Corner Canyon. I can say if you are looking for a shift and a new outlook on life, you should definitely check it out for yourself. I will have a year sober in a week and everyone at corner canyon definitely gave me the tools I needed to begin this journey. Thanks peeps!”

June Corbett, Former Client

“Without a doubt in my mind Corner Canyon has the program to peel down layers to understand the reason a person becomes an addict. I’m pretty sure each one of us didn’t wake up one day and decide right then to controlled by mind altering substances. The power that happens when you get to witness the soul that has been beaten down become positive, have hope, to feel a purpose and get an understanding of who they are and be proud. To have a voice and know how to use it, to feel trust and love. I did witness these things at Corner Canyon. I had the opportunity to make a call to Corner Canyon, it was only one phone call and the events that unfolded from there were not about my phone call but about the human that needed help. No matter the situations that came forth each one was handled professionally and with honest care. In the world today sometimes “professional and loving care become opposites.” I love every one at the facility, even though I was not the client, I felt important, my concerns were always put to rest quickly. When you see a human truly live and be functional, to happy and smile, to be lovable all with their own will. I think that is proof enough that Corner Canyon has something that really works. If ever I have the opportunity to be the one to make that same phone call, it will be Corner Canyon I do call. Thank you Corner Canyon from my heart for the life I know you saved.”

Dom Suazo, Former Client

“The staff at Corner Canyon were absolutely incredible! I was desperate and needed a solution. This wasn’t my first experience trying to get clean and sober, but Corner Canyons program had been exactly what I was looking for. Each individual member of their staff from their outreach, making it first possible for me to attend their program, who made me feel comfortable with the process, to the clinical staff making sure I was both mentally and physically at ease to do the work that was going to be necessary to achieve my goals. They carried me through the process each step of the way until my feet were pointed in the right direction, and allowing me to take the steps on my own to the freedom I have today. I’m so grateful for every opportunity I received while there, and have carried that torch everyday as my repayment for every dedicated member of their team to allow me to do for myself what I couldn’t do alone, which is to live in the freedom of each day, clean and sober, simply because of the work/tools they bestowed upon me the entire time I was there. I’m so thankful and blessed for Corner Canyon and I would personally say it was the absolute crucial step I needed to persue to become all that I am today. In my experience I can firmly say, that if you’re ready, willing to do the work, these are the people who know how to give you the tools to achieve your wildest dreams, both in recovery, and in the resources of how to rationally cope with the day to day monotony that so many of us suffer but do not have the skills to utilize on our own. I am forever grateful for Corner Canyon, and proud to say I was the first at this truly wonderful, and life changing place.”

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