A man creating new habits to treat his addiction through neuroenhancement brain technology.

Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Center In Utah

What We Treat

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, our treatment team employs highly skilled clinicians who understand and utilize empirically researched treatment methods. These methods have been validated to show cause and effect of treatment outcomes, whether they be substance or behavioral in nature. We use a holistic framework when treating clients, addressing all aspects of mind, body and spirit, and teach them the value of self-worth, self-esteem, and how to create a meaningful and purposeful life.

The mental health concerns we treat include mood disorders, complex trauma and PTSD, personality disorders, family and relationship difficulty, and most other diagnoses. We can also work with clients who are on the autism spectrum (high functioning), have chronic pain, diabetes (type 2 or insulin controlled type 1), behavioral addictions such as internet addiction and gambling, and other treatment concerns.

If clinically indicated upon admission to our mental health and addiction treatment center, a client will undergo an addiction assessment in addition to the many other assessments we offer. They will then follow our 12 step, Refuge, or Smart Recovery program, choosing elements of each that make sense to them as they build an ongoing relapse prevention plan.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for all mental health and addiction diagnosis. With our approach to extensive assessments and variety of evidence based treatment interventions, we aim to understand the client as a whole, in order to best address core issues and develop effective, individualized treatment plans.

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We have the highest level of confidentiality and are discrete with all client information. You can trust that any information you give our admissions personnel will only go to the appropriate treatment professionals.

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