Starting the admissions process for a residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), or intensive outpatient program (IOP) can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Admitting that you need help and seeking treatment for mental health concerns can be difficult, and the admissions process can add to the stress and anxiety. However, despite these challenges, beginning the admissions process can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, entering a RTC, PHP, or IOP program provides a safe and supportive environment where individuals can focus solely on their mental health and well-being. These programs are designed to provide structured and intensive care that may not be available through traditional outpatient therapy. By beginning the admissions process, individuals are taking an important step towards receiving the comprehensive and personalized care that they need.

Secondly, RTC, PHP, and IOP programs often provide access to a wide range of evidence-based treatments, including therapy, medication management, and holistic approaches such as music therapy or yoga. These programs are designed to address a variety of mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma-related disorders. By starting the admissions process, individuals can begin to explore the different treatment options available and work with mental health professionals to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their unique needs.

Finally, beginning the admissions process can provide a sense of hope and empowerment. Mental health concerns can be isolating and overwhelming, and taking the step to seek treatment can be a powerful act of self-care. By entering an RTC, PHP, or IOP program, individuals are showing themselves that they are committed to their mental health and well-being, and that they are willing to take the necessary steps to improve their quality of life.

At Corner Canyon we recognize starting the admissions process for RTC, PHP, or IOP programs can be challenging, but it is also a crucial step towards receiving the comprehensive and personalized care needed to address mental health concerns. Our caring admissions team is here to help every step of the way. Call us today to get started!



A verification of benefits (VOB) is the process in which a healthcare provider or a patient checks with an insurance company to determine the amount of coverage that is available for a specific medical service or treatment.

The verification of benefits process at Corner Canyon involves a request for information from the client’s insurance company regarding the patient’s plan benefits, such as deductible amounts, copayments, and coinsurance rates. The purpose of this process is to help the client and provider understand what will be covered by the insurance plan and what out-of-pocket costs may be incurred by the patient.

Corner Canyon’s admissions team will ask you to send your insurance card to them, and our team at Corner Canyon will complete this process. Once the VOB has been completed, our team will be able to give you an overview regarding what we can anticipate your insurance will cover. However, there is never any guarantee that insurance will cover.

Corner Canyon works through insurance reimbursement, and can work with your insurance if you have Out of Network Benefits. Corner Canyon is unable to accept Medicare/Medicaid.

  • To begin the admissions process, our admissions team will collect client contact information, intake information, and insurance. The admission team will then issue a VOB (verification of insurance benefits).
  • Once the VOB is verified, our admission team will then conduct a pre-admission screening for medical and clinical approval in order to begin treatment. The pre-screening will determine the appropriate level of care and if detox is necessary for the potential client.
  • Prior to admittance, the team will develop and review a financial agreement based on funding options, such as insurance, private pay, etc.
  • In the event that detox is necessary, our admissions team will assist in finding placement or providing referrals to detox centers.
  • If detox is not necessary, the admissions team will help coordinate an admission time and date and provide the potential client with all details necessary in regards to admission. Our admissions team will also help with coordinating flights and transportation to the facility if necessary.
  • Once enrolled, the client will begin treatment with the medical, clinical and psychiatric team.

It can be daunting for you or a loved one to pack for an inpatient mental health and addiction recovery health center. It is likely a new experience and may require a different set of items than you use in daily life. To ensure that you pack everything you need, we have outlined exactly what you should and should not bring.

  • Sleepwear.
  • Undergarments and socks.
  • Workout attire, including a one-piece swimsuit or swim trunks.
  • Comfortable, appropriate footwear, including exercise/walking shoes.
  • Sweaters/jackets and appropriate outerwear based on season.
  • Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen.
  • Toiletries: shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, deodorant, body wash, shaving supplies, feminine products (all products must be alcohol-free).
  • Hairdryer, flat irons, curling irons, etc.
  • Phone and/or laptop, chargers (for use, pending therapist approval).
  • Driver’s license, passport or photo ID.
  • Insurance card.
  • Method of payment (i.e. credit card, cashier’s check and/or personal check, etc.).
  • A credit card to be held on file for medication costs and/or any costs for urgent medical needs.
  • Current prescription medications for (at least) one week and a list of medications including dosages.
  • The name, addresses and phone numbers of any personal physicians, mental health professionals and/or family members you would like involved in your treatment.
  • Pertinent medical/ treatment records if available.
  • Casual, comfortable clothing (No revealing tank tops/spaghetti straps, short shorts).
  • MP3 player for music (must not connect to internet/Wi-Fi).

Please reach out to our admissions team if you have any questions regarding what to bring!

It can be daunting for you or a loved one to pack for an inpatient mental health and addiction recovery health center. It is likely a new experience and may require a different set of items than you use in daily life. To ensure that you pack everything you need, we have outlined exactly what you should and should not bring.

  • Exercise equipment.
  • Scales.
  • Energy drinks.
  • Body-building or weight loss supplements.
  • Any non-approved medications.
  • Revealing or inappropriate clothing (clothing containing derogatory or drug/alcohol logos, short shorts, low cut or sleeveless shirts, etc.).
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Any item containing alcohol.
  • Cloves, cigars, pipes, butane lighters, refillable vapes, etc.

Please reach out to our admissions team if you have any questions regarding what not to bring!

We are specifically formulated to offer personalized therapeutic interventions to adult individuals with mental health disorders.

We provide a comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that offers clients the opportunity to attend group therapy sessions three to five times a week.

We work with most major insurance policies

We get reimbursement for 85% of our clients *We don’t take Medicaid or Medicare

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