Alternative therapy has been a topic of discussion in the last decade, sparking new thoughts, insights, and approaches that consider different ways to achieve the same goal while at the same time, providing a good way to give hope to those struggling with mental health issues. 

Ketamine therapy is one of the most groundbreaking discoveries. It takes the initially used anesthetic drug to stimulate different parts of the brain, making you relaxed and more receptive to therapy. 

What is Ketamine & How It Works

Ketamine has been approved as an “off-label” treatment for various chronic “treatment-resistant” mental conditions, often having a positive effect when current treatment methods haven’t worked. This review of Ketamine-Associated Brain Changes states that, “…subanesthetic doses of ketamine—a glutamatergic modulator—have shown great promise for rapidly treating patients with the most severe forms of depression.”

Ketamine is a Schedule Ill medication that has long been used safely as an anesthetic and analgesic agent and now, often effectively, for treatment of depression. Research is being done currently to assess other possible uses of low-dose Ketamine, there is some evidence that it can help with other psychiatric disorders like PTSD and Anxiety, addictions like alcohol and drugs, and there have been ongoing personal reports that it can aid in existential, psychological spiritual crises, as well as growth in these areas.

Ketamine’s primary mode of action uses a very different pathway than that of other psychiatric drugs such as the SNRIS, SSRIS, anti-psychotics, benzodiazepines, and other standard medications. Ketamine is categorized as a dissociative anesthetic, which means a sense of disconnection from the usual self and ordinary reality.

Most people using the light-approved doses will most likely experience mild anesthetic, antidepressant, anxiolytic, and, potentially, psychedelic effects.

The most effective use appears to be using it in combination with psychotherapy, in a safe, supervised setting, over a period of time, resulting in a cumulative effect which may include a positive change in outlook and character in addition to deepening the therapeutic work that is taking place alongside the ketamine treatments.

At Corner Canyon Health Centers, if a client is clinically and medically approved, we offer a 6-week course of Ketamine shots, administered intramuscularly in a quiet private room and supervised by medical personnel, followed by a therapy session with the primary therapist.

Subsequent group and individual therapy sessions throughout the week also capitalize on the increased neuroplasticity of the brain to achieve greater therapeutic gains than possible otherwise.

Why Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in Utah? 

Our clients have described responses to ketamine like “I felt like I had much more access to my emotions, and a greater ability to remember and process my experiences, in combination with my emotions, and ended up feeling lighter and happier”.

Want to know if you are eligible for Ketamine Therapy? This is your you:

Our experience has been that clients typically make faster progress in therapy, and do deeper work than they are capable of prior to beginning Ketamine. We find that Ketamine Assisted Therapy accelerates the therapy process in addition to giving clients relief and hope.

What to Expect After A Ketamine Treatment

Clients will typically feel relaxed and calm after treatment, and may experience positive changes in personality, mood and cognition during treatment, in the time afterwards, and in the week that follows. The ketamine experience is designed to enable an individual’s healing wisdom to be accessed.

The psychotherapy support received will help in making the experience make sense and be valuable to you. The therapy will help change patterns of thinking and behavior that are of concern and can be causing difficulty.

To learn more about Ketamine treatments while at Corner Canyon Health Centers, call one of our admission representatives today!

We are specifically formulated to offer personalized therapeutic interventions to adult individuals with mental health disorders.

We provide a comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that offers clients the opportunity to attend group therapy sessions three to five times a week.

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