Many people become depressed because they feel like they do not fit in anywhere. They can have black and white thinking in that if they do not have any friends or are not close with their family, they cannot fit in anywhere. There is always somewhere for you to belong as long as you are open to opportunities around you and know that you are not alone in the quest to finding your own people.

Find Similarities in Others

Depression has a tendency to make you see the negative more than the positive. You are spending too much of your time focusing on what makes you different from everyone. Instead, focus on the similarities in your social circle. For example, if you feel like an outsider in your family because everyone is older than you, use that as a way to get to know each other by listening to stories they have want to tell you about their experiences at your age and what the world looks like now from your perspective. You both may be able to learn from each other and respect each other’s differences without engaging in conflict.

Look for Opportunities

If you are not close to your family and are still looking for a group that you can call your own, find clubs around you to join. You can make an account on MeetUp and try to find groups based on your interests whether you are looking for someone to go to the movies with, someone to make arts and crafts with, or if you just need someone to talk to. You can even find volunteering opportunities to meet people as you all unite for a worthy cause. By looking online or in your area for events where you can reach out to socialize, you will be able to find your people.

Keep an Optimistic Attitude

Finding a sense of belonging needs to go both ways. You want to belong, but you need to be honest with yourself in that not everything will be perfect. For example, if you already feel like backing out of the MeetUp because you do not like the food they are serving or it is noisy, do not think about that. You are not there for food or the location, but to meet new people. By keeping an open mind towards the people you encounter, you will find where you belong.

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Liz Lund, MPA

Liz is originally from lush green Washington State. She is a life enthusiast and a huge fan of people. Liz has always loved learning why people are the way they are. She moved to UT in 2013 and completed her bachelors degree in Psychology in 2016. After college Liz worked at a residential treatment center and found that she was not only passionate about people, but also administration. Liz is recently finished her MPA in April 2022. Liz loves serving people and is excited and looking forward to learning about; and from our clients here at Corner Canyon.
When Liz is not busy working she love being outdoors, eating ice cream, taking naps, and spending time with her precious baby girl and sweet husband.