Is There Treatment for Depression and Anxiety?

We most often associate treatment centers with treating addiction, but we often don’t realize that there are treatment programs specifically designed for our depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We often assume that we can only be treated if we also suffer from an addiction, but the good news is there is professional help for these debilitating mental illnesses as well.

Depression and other mental health issues are considered co-occurring illnesses because they often exist alongside our addictions and are caused by similar mental and emotional issues. When we suffer from both addiction and mental illness, there are treatment programs that can handle both simultaneously. We sometimes are living with just mental illness, though, and our mental health can be severely impaired without the presence of addictions. When this is the case, there are treatment programs designed specifically for us.

Some common signs of depression and anxiety include feelings of despair and hopelessness. We can feel disheartened, defeated and depleted in our daily lives. We can find that our mental health issues have become so debilitating that we can no longer function normally. We might start neglecting our duties and obligations. We might have performance issues at work or school. We might be increasingly exhausted and lethargic. We might distance ourselves from people or isolate ourselves altogether. We often will lose interest in the things and activities we once loved. We no longer feel motivated or driven. Our passions and interests no longer make us feel fulfilled. We feel down on ourselves, insecure and self-hating. We suffer from panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and other intense manifestations of our mental and emotional pain.

When we receive mental health treatment, we focus on creating new support systems for ourselves, so that we’re no longer isolated, suffering in silence. We participate in multiple forms of therapy, including traditional talk-therapy, trauma therapy and family therapy. We also can benefit from experiential or recreational therapy, where we learn new life skills from participating in different kinds of activities. As part of our treatment program, we learn new coping skills to manage our mental health issues thoroughly and holistically. We develop a new relationship with ourselves based on self-love and self-acceptance, rather than the self-hatred and self-rejection that have been fueling our unwellness for so long.

Our mental health deserves care and attention, whether or not we also suffer from addiction. It’s so important that we get professional help when we need it and stop forcing ourselves to suffer alone.

Corner Canyon Health Centers’s depression and anxiety treatment center treats mental health issues to facilitate complete recovery. Our treatment methods include therapy, medication if clinically indicated, healthy food, exercise, family communication, and recreational therapy. Call 1-866-399-3469 today for more information.

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