Meditation treatment is becoming more popular as we go through the new decade. There are many benefits to treating mental health with meditation. Specifically for trauma victims, meditation treatment is beneficial in ways that can help them cope, manage their anxieties, and overcome their fears.

First, meditation is a holistic approach to everyday living. Corner Canyon Health Centers knows the importance of taking a holistic approach to trauma healing, as it is a journey that requires comfort. This treatment can be used to settle fears, calm anxieties, and overcome depression. Yoga, along with meditation, has been shown to benefit those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),  which as of 2017, currently affects 7-8% of adults in the United States.

Also referred to as a complementary health approach, yoga, and meditation have been shown to reduce the effects of PTSD after a patient has gone through traditional therapy. Many forms of meditation can help victims of trauma overcome their symptoms.

Types of Meditation Treatment

Meditation treatment is not as simple as sitting cross-legged and breathing. It requires guidance and practice to master. Having the tools and experience of one of Corner Canyon Health Centers‘ team members at your disposal allows you to heal at your own pace and develop the ability to use meditation to promote healing.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation that has been around for thousands of years. This kind of meditation has been used to help trauma and depression victims’ overall mood and mental health. Designed to help one be in the present moment, mindfulness instructs the person to think less about obstructive and fear-based thoughts and use the present moment to remain focused.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce the power of distressing thoughts over trauma victims and those suffering from other mental health disorders. Using breathwork to connect to the body and using proper breathing techniques are all a part of mindfulness meditation. This can be an effective form of treatment to add to one’s care plan.

Mindfulness meditation can be used in therapy. Along with the help of the therapist working on the body and breath, one can achieve stillness. Rather than focusing on the thoughts of trauma, the person focuses on the present moment. This form of meditation has been shown to be beneficial in treating trauma victims.

Mantra-Based Meditation

Mantra-based meditation is a simple technique using one word or phrase and repeating it. It was designed, in -part, to keep the intrusive traumatic thoughts from being the center focus. Instead, it aims to refocus the mind on the present moment rather than the past trauma.


Using physical postures and breathing techniques, yoga can be used to raise the vibration in meditation practice. As a physical form of meditation, yoga is useful for clearing the mind and centering one’s thoughts on being in the present. It is also useful when a person with PTSD needs to unwind and relax from an emotional and intrusive thought process.

Top 5 Benefits of Meditation Treatment

For those who have PTSD, meditation practice can be a useful tool in addition to medication. It can also be used to progress throughout therapy. Let’s break down the top five benefits of this holistic approach to healing.

1. Present Moment

Being in the present moment means that you are not thinking about the past trauma nor focusing on the future. Instead, you are using breathing techniques to center the mind around what’s happening in the here and now. This unique way of approaching trauma is proper for panic attacks or anxiety. When you are in the present moment, your thoughts are centered around you and not the trauma.

2. Better Quality Sleep

Those who have PTSD often find it hard to go to sleep and stay asleep. When meditation is done regularly, the quality of sleep goes up. The focus on traumatic thoughts goes down. Without proper quality sleep, one can suffer from increased depression and anxiety. Using breathing and meditation practices helps the body to relax and the mind to remain still during sleeping hours.

3. Lowering Stress

No matter what form of meditation you decide to practice, you will notice a difference in the amount of stress you feel from your PTSD symptoms. Those who have PTSD have heightened arousal, and there can be things in the world that trigger them to go into a state of shock. Being mindful and practicing meditation consistently has been proven to lower stress and anxiety.

4. Relieves Chronic Pain

PTSD often has chronic pain associated with the disorder. Meditation allows the victim to remain in control. When doing yoga meditation, you can remain in control by moving your body. With mantra-based meditation, the person can control what they say and how they say it.

Often, the trauma that one suffers can cause them to feel like they have no or are losing control. Using meditation-based practices relieves stress. It can also help one to feel and be in control of the present moment.

5. Healing with Meditation Treatment

Healing is the main goal when one is suffering from PTSD. Meditation provides you with the on-demand tools you need to heal that suffering in different and holistic ways. This can, in turn, help you adjust to your present because it focuses not on the past. It focuses on the present moment.

Meditation and trauma have an interesting relationship. The dynamics of both lead experts to believe that there is a relationship between PTSD and healing through meditation. While studies on this relationship continue to be done, many people suffering from trauma are approaching their suffering from a new perspective. Thus, making meditation their go-to way of managing their pain and healing their past.

If past trauma is impacting your daily life, treatment can lead to healing. Our team at Corner Canyon Health Centers aim to help you achieve your goals in overcoming the hurdles that come with experiencing trauma. We take a holistic approach to healing and, through the practice of meditation, believe that we can help you relieve the pains of victimhood. If you are unsure where to turn to help you heal from PTSD symptoms, please consider reaching out. We are here to support you on your journey to better mental health. Call us at (877) 717-6237 for more information on our programs. We are here to help you heal every step of the way.

Liz Lund, MPA

Liz is originally from lush green Washington State. She is a life enthusiast and a huge fan of people. Liz has always loved learning why people are the way they are. She moved to UT in 2013 and completed her bachelors degree in Psychology in 2016. After college Liz worked at a residential treatment center and found that she was not only passionate about people, but also administration. Liz is recently finished her MPA in April 2022. Liz loves serving people and is excited and looking forward to learning about; and from our clients here at Corner Canyon.
When Liz is not busy working she love being outdoors, eating ice cream, taking naps, and spending time with her precious baby girl and sweet husband.