What are Important Reasons to Talk About Your Trauma?

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Cheryl K, LCSW, CEO, Co-founder and Partner
A man among friends talking about his trauma.

It can be very painful to revisit a traumatic memory. Many are afraid to talk about them in fear of reliving the same pain that you felt when it felt happened. By speaking to others about your trauma, you will feel a huge weight has been lifted and that you found someone to confide in whenever you need to talk more about it.

Will I Still Feel Shame After I Talk About It?

When you keep your traumatic incident a secret, it is like you are telling yourself that you are ashamed of your part in it. You also might be afraid that others will think less of you if you talk about your trauma. When the person you confide in supports you instead of belittling you, you will feel a whole lot better. Instead of having a posture of shame where you are crouching down all the time, you can stand confidently knowing that you have nothing to be ashamed of.

How Will I See My Story Differently Once I Tell It?

You may have had false beliefs about what happened to you when you continue playing the traumatic memory in your head. For example, if you were held at gunpoint, you may think to yourself that you were being weak for handing over your money and for crying. It is the shame of thinking you were weak that stopped you from talking about what happened. When you tell someone your story out loud, you will discover thinks about your traumatic incident that you never realized before. For example, while telling your story of being mugged, you realized that you were not weak in that the mugger came to you with a loaded gun while you were unprotected and that there was nothing more you could do in that situation. Learning about the truth may not have happened if you did not talk about it.

How Strong Will This Memory Be Once I Talk About It?

Thinking about a traumatic incident can keep you up at night and not have you think about anything else. If you never talk about this incident, it will continue to haunt you. Repeatedly telling the story will weaken the memory, making this memory no longer have control over you. The time to tell someone about what happened to you is your decision, but talking about it will give you newfound control and strength.

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