An older man that has been to rehab for depression and practicing healthy coping skills.

Family Engagement Center

Here at Corner Canyon Health Center, we know how important family is. Family is vital for a client’s progress and the success of their healing and treatment. If you or a loved one is struggling and you think our family engagement process is right for you,contact us today!

How do you heal a family member?

If a family member of yours is struggling, the best thing that you can do for them is to remain supportive. If you wish to engage in the Family Healing Process at Corner Canyon do not hesitate to contact us to help your family members make positive changes in their life. During the family healing process you want to encourage self-care and be patient with your family members while they receive the care they need.


Family weekends occur every three weeks, or as needed, at Corner Canyon’s family engagement center and are designed to facilitate psychoeducation, family therapy, and reconnection with family members. Topics may include but are not limited to, neurochemistry to understand the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain and the process of addiction, family systems therapy, art therapy, psychodrama, communication skills, and other psychoeducational topics.

The family weekend schedule is 9-5 Friday, with Saturday passes for family visits available. Passes for family visits are dependent on what phase the client has achieved and their accomplishments of treatment assignments in addition to clinical recommendations. We encourage family visits and family therapy, we believe that improvement in relationships aids in the recovery process and establishes a good foundation for the client’s return to the family system.


Corner Canyon Health Centers recommends that in addition to our family counseling center, loved ones attend Al-anon to gain an understanding of how to interact most appropriately with their loved one and how to take care of themselves while in a relationship with a person who struggles with addiction. There are Al-anon meetings in every city and most towns and they can be an invaluable source of support.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues our recovery and treatment options may be right for you. At Corner Canyon Health Center we are dedicated to providing care for all of our clients and helping them get the treatment they need. Contact us today for questions regarding our services or apply for treatment.

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